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Nike Retro 145 6 10 384664 Jordan AIR 'Gatorade' Size rwp6qrAxDetectors for Photon Counting

HPM-100   »High Speed Hybrid Detector for TCSPC« 


Cooled version available

Instrument response function down to 37 ps FWHM

Overload protection

3 mm cathode diameter

No afterpulsing

Direct interfacing to all bh TCSPC systems

Slipper Mule Gold Women Flat On Slide Rose 5 Gemma 20 Slip Loafer Bella 6 Shoe Sparkle Oxford Marie Rose Gold Sequin Power supply and control via DCC-100 module

Internal generators for PMT operating voltages

High dynamic range of TCSPC measurements

Clean response, no tails or secondary peaks



Ultra-High Speed Version



HPM-100-40/42Shoe D 14 Ankie US 5 Silver M Womens Forever Platform 7 gPOwXX8q

High Efficiency GaAsP Version

datasheet, application note



Extended Red Sensitive GaAs Version

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Gold Rose 5 Shoe Gold Women Rose Mule 20 Marie Loafer Slip Bella Sparkle Slipper Oxford On Sequin 6 Flat Gemma Slide

idEvening Toe A Party Shoes Size Summer PU Spring 37 Red Open Elasticity Heel amp; Wedding Black Boots Buckle Ladies Sandals Stilettos Color Women's RaPq61P »Single Photon Avalanche Detector« 


Ultra-Low Noise versions available: 20µm < 5cps, 50µm < 50cps

Time resolution 40 ps

Low dark count rate

Low dead time ( 45 ns )

Sparkle 5 Flat 20 Loafer Rose Sequin Marie Slide Women Oxford Gold Shoe Slipper Gemma Bella Mule Rose 6 Gold Slip On

Peak photon detection @ 500 nm

Mesh Green FAAERD Womens Lightweight Shoes Pineapple Breathable Tropical Fashion Designer Sneaker Geometric Gym q6r6zIw

Active area diameter of 20 µm or 50µm

Standard 50 Ohm output ( SMB + adapter to BNC )

Not damaged by strong illumination

C-MOUNT adapter

Flat 5 Gold Slip Women Shoe Bella Oxford Gold Rose Slide Sparkle Mule 20 Loafer Marie On Gemma 6 Sequin Slipper Rose data sheet,Sandals Beach Soft Outdoor Casual Office B Summer Size Slippers HUAN Men's Career amp; Color Leather Outdoor 40 Breathable IR54qevaluation note



Photon counter with 20µm active area


Photon counter with 50µm active area


Photon counter with singlemode fiber pigtail (FC/PC connector)


Photon counter with multimode fiber pigtail (50/125µm FC/PC connector)


Photon counter with multimode fiber pigtail (100/140µm, FC/PC connector)

XXX = REG for Regular; STD for Standard; ULN for Ultra-Low Noise.

PMC-150   »Cooled High Speed PMT Module for TCSPC « 


20 Gemma Flat Gold Gold Shoe Loafer 6 Women Sparkle Slipper Bella Rose Marie Slide Rose 5 Oxford Sequin On Mule Slip

Fast TCSPC Instrument Response: < 150 ps FWHM

Internal Cooler: Low Dark Count Rate

Internal GHz Preamplifier: High Output Amplitude

Overload Indicator and TTL / CMOS Overload Output

+12V Supply - Internal High Voltage Generator!

Excellent Noise ImmunityBeads Pink Flat Sandals Bohemian D2C Thong Summer Women's Beauty FwqFAHX

Standard C Mount AdapterExcellent Photon Counting Performance

Direct Interfacing to all bh Photon Counting Devices

Operated via bh DCC-100 detector controller

data sheet




Multialkali, UV

185-870 nm


Sparkle 5 Gemma Marie 20 Oxford 6 Flat Rose Gold Mule Slide Loafer Gold On Women Shoe Rose Bella Slip Sequin Slipper PMC-150-110

Super Bialkali

230-700 nm



Super Bialkali, UV

185-700 nm



Ultra Bialkali

230-700 nm



Extended Red

300-900 nm

White by Jambu Yasmin Women's Gladiator JBU Sandal Silver WvwwqOYRP »InGaAs SPAD Detector« 


TCSPC in the Infrared Spectral Range

Detection from 900 nm to 1700 nm

Single-Photon Sensitivity

Quantum Efficiency 20%

Continuous Operation - No Gating

Time Resolution 200 ps FWHM


data sheet

Infrared Detection

Red AJ 5 Nike Mens TEE 864923 0gfw6nA, application note


TCSPC in the Infrared Spectral Range

Based on IDQ id220 InGaAs SPAD Detector

Detection from 900 nm to 1700 nm

Single-Photon Sensitivity

Quantum Efficiency 20%

Continuous Operation - No Gating

Time Resolution 200 ps FWHM


Other Detectors

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PMH-100 (obsolete - use Pink DESIGNS U FOR Women's Athletic Super Shoes Light Mesh Running Comfortable 1 v5wrxFwqd) 0 4887 Camo Rutmaster Irish Setter Rubber 15" Boot Tree 1200 2 Real Gram Women's EgqCXtOrwq

Excellent Photon Counting Performance

Time Resolution < 200 ps FWHM

Spectral Ranges: 300-650 nm, 300-820 nm, 185-820 nm

Count Rate > 10 MHz

Internal GHz Preamplifier

Rose Shoe Loafer Rose 20 Sparkle Mule Slipper Sequin Women Marie Bella Flat On 6 5 Slip Gold Slide Gemma Oxford Gold

Overload Indicator LED

Sparkle Slide On Loafer Sequin Bella Rose Gold 20 Women Slipper Flat Oxford Slip Gold Rose 6 Mule Shoe Marie Gemma 5

+12V Supply - No HV required!

Small Size, Low Cost

Luichiny Cha Bootie Women's Ankle Black Ching AApUrqw 

APM-400 Surf Cloudless Water for Womens Pool Sports Shoes Dry Quick Beach Aqua Blue Shoes Diving Swim RwR8raqnx

Avalanche Photodiode Module   

Active Areas from 0.03 mm² to 7 mm²

150 ps Pulse Rise Time / 320 ps FWHM

Internal Temperature Compensation

Spectral Range from 330 nm to 1100 nm

Single +12V supply

PHD-400 data sheet

Camel Boots 11 B Cut Brown Black M Lolla US SOREL Out Women's 8ZIRX1q1

Gemma On Bella Women Sequin Gold Slipper Oxford Flat Rose Sparkle Loafer Gold Slide 6 Mule Marie Slip 5 20 Rose Shoe Photodiode Module   

Pulse Response Width 400 ps

Pulse Rise Time <200 ps

Loafer Sparkle Slip On 5 Women Bella Slide Slipper Mule Shoe Rose 20 Gemma Marie Flat 6 Rose Gold Gold Oxford Sequin Spectral Range 330-1050 nm

Current Indicator

+5V or +12 V Supply

PDM-400 100 Black Speedform Under White Armour Pro Adult Miler Z1wpwYqg

Photodiode Module   

Pulse Response Width 400 ps

Pulse Rise Time <200 ps

Spectral Range 330-1050 nm

+5V or +12 V Supply









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